The Small Business Aid Raffle
Well friends, this unfathomable time keeps changing as the days roll by. All across the world small businesses are being forced to close their doors on account of (much needed) human distancing. Layoffs are all but unavoidable and the timeline of returning to a normal way of life is looking bleak. What started as an immediate necessary reaction to help has blossomed into many small makers and businesses helping each other out. Many of our friends, old and new, have offered up something to add to this raffle. The nice thing is, you can help out no matter where you are! An added bonus is that every time you do, you're entered to win one of these amazing things listed below. 
How exactly do I enter?
All you need to do is buy an online gift card from your favorite small business, near or far. Send a photo proving your purchase to and you're entered. We won't be sending any entry confirmation emails but if you email valid proof of purchase, you're in. 
Why an online gift card? 
With "shelter in place" orders being issued more and more every day, shipping in-stock items is becoming harder for folks. To put it simply, it's a tiny little loan to say "we've got your backs through this tough time". If you can safely buy one in person, that's also an option but we're highly stressing the need for following the guidelines of social distancing to help slow down the spread of this virus. 
If your favorite little coffee shop doesn't have online purchasing set up, talk them into it! It's relatively easy to do on platforms like Shopify,
Big Cartel, Squarespace, etc. 
What if I'm in another country? 
You're still encouraged to enter! This is a global pandemic and businesses across the world are hurting. The only difference is if you win, you'll be responsible for shipping and duty costs to your country. 
How many times can I enter?
As many times as you like! Each business you support counts as an entry. There is no minimum dollar amount or maximum entry amount. Do whatever you can, if you can.  
When will you choose a winner for the prizes?
April 5th will be the drawing date. (**This date may get pushed back taking into account any more changes in the regulations surrounding Covid-19 safety precautions**)
What could I win?
The many amazing things are below and the list is growing daily from kind folks all over. These will all be separate drawings from the lottery of entries.