The Wills Jacket w/ Placeholder Keychain *Deposit*


The books for the waxed Wills jacket are currently full and closed. Please sign up for the mailing list the bottom of the page to be notified of future openings. Thank you for your interest!



IMPORTANT: For this deposit, you will receive a key chain as placeholder and keepsake. Shipping cost for the actual jacket is charged later on with the final payment. 

 The mighty Wills jacket is second to none. 

The idea for the Wills jacket was born out of my years as a stone mason and general tinkering dirtbag. Working hard demands clothing that will work hard with you.. After many trials of jackets on the market, I realized that, while designed nicely, most on the market are just not thick enough to hold up. I blasted through jacket after jacket and at a certain point decided to make one myself. I made a prototype and wore it. And wore it. Welding, carpentry, stone work, daily wear, camping, rain, snow, etc....... I put it through the wringer. The thing just worked. Made of thick 24oz. (post waxing) waxed filter twill, it's the thickest work jacket on the market. The #10 solid brass zipper keeps it secure and the solid brass snaps and placket help keep the wind out. Made in USA. 

We're very proud to finally be able to offer this jacket to the world. It is meant to be worn, beat up and loved... It will last you a long long time and get more and more beautiful as you wear it.  

• Made in USA

• 18oz (24oz post wax) Waxed Twill

• Solid brass snaps and zipper 

• Left side - inside pocket 

Price: $475 + shipping ($200 deposit, $275 final payment)


  • This is a $200 deposit to lock your place in line and is non-refundable. This is to cover our cost of ordering materials/ramping up our machinery and production team. 
  • You’ll receive and email with your line number within a few days and a “waitin on a Wills” keychain shortly thereafter. 
  • At this point we’re about 5 months out on existing deposits. 
  • The last opening saw 800+ customers add the jacket to the shopping cart in the 2 minutes the item was available. Please take into consideration that there may be an up to a 1-2 year wait if you’re on the tail end of these orders. 
  • Line numbers will be issued in the order that your deposit is placed. 
  • Sizing should be initially determined via our size chart. Feel free to be in contact if you have changes or questions on sizing throughout your wait.. you’ll have some time to think about this while we’re working through the numbers.
  • Numbers will be updated as we work through the jackets on the site and IG posts. 
  • We’ll be making strides through this to up our production quantity but quality is always first. These are made by us humans who care very deeply about making sure you get a quality piece. It is why these take so long to produce. You can rest assured that each jacket will be meticulously built with all of our experience behind us, right here in our Portland, Oregon factory/store.



All of us at Ship John thank you for your support!


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