Townes western shirt - 11oz Selvedge denim - **Pre-Order**


Here it is, folks.. one of the missing links of my wardrobe and yours too. 

We're pleased to finally offer pre-orders on the first version of our classic denim western with some Ship John flavor. This batch is Made from 11oz unsanforized raw denim** woven at the beloved Cone White Oak plant in North Carolina. The stock of this denim is uncertain so this may be one of the only offerings in this fabric. Thick enough to be worn as an outer layer. Selvedge reveals on the front placket and cuffs.

** It's important to note that this shirt is made from unsanforized raw selvedge denim. The cut is generous in length to account for shrinkage with cold water washing. It is not recommended that you machine dry this shirt. 

• Individually finished solid brass snaps with our signature radial brush

• 11oz. Cone White Oak white line selvedge denim - unsanforized

• Generous in length to accommodate shrinkage (see size chart)

• Articulated, two panel sleeves.


*Shipping by January 30th, 2018*

Check the size specs below to feel out your correct size. 


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