Glove Liner
Glove Liner

Glove Liner

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These beauties are just what you need to keep toasty on those extra cold days. wear them on their own or Pair them with a pair of Vermonters for those winter wood stackin' times. 


• Made by Vermont Glove in Randolph, Vermont USA

• Merino wool blend

• The proper glove liner size will feel slightly big on your hands. This allows them to stay in the glove when you remove your hand.

• The wool liners fit best if your glove is worn by itself to break in before using the glove liner.

• If using your wool liners with a new pair of work gloves, the work gloves may feel tight at first. But don't worry, the leather gloves will relax to your hands and wool liners over the first few uses.

•This makes them versatile, allowing you to wear your gloves with and without wool insulation.


Measure around your hand as pictured below. This measurement is the size you should order. If you're between two sizes, size down to the smaller size.