Other Products & Info

• When will you have more of 'X' item restocked? (i.e. jeans, wallets, hats)

It depends on the item. Certain products, like the Hawkins Gloves, we will restock regularly as we can. They require some coordination and time to acquire materials or to start production. Other products, like the Veg Tan Leather Wills Jacket, are a special edition item and may never be made again. This is usually due to a limited material quantity that we obtained and then made as much of the product as we could ~ unfortunately once it's gone it's gone. We try our best to keep people informed on product restocks and availability through our mailing list (often in the monthly newsletter) and Instagram. As always, we can answer specific product questions through email.


• Do you do custom projects / orders?

Not at this time, as we unfortunately don't have the bandwidth!


• Do you offer repairs, alternations, or hemming services?

We can hem any pair of jeans here at our shop! Ship John brand jeans are complimentary, any other brands are a $20 fee. You can either mail in your jeans or stop by the shop in person. Jeans must be freshly washed prior to delivery for hemming ~ items that are not will be returned, at cost to the owner if any shipping is necessary. We do complimentary repairs on any Ship John item that might have issue / be faulty due to a manufacturing error. We do not offer repairs currently for items undergoing normal wear & tear, but can offer recommendations for those services elsewhere. These items are handled on a case-by-case basis to determine cause of issue and best course of action. We do not offer alterations on garments of any kind.


• What if I asked a question on the social medias and never heard back?

We try and answer comments, but sometimes we miss 'em! If your question pertains to a specific order, please send us an email since we can't always link your user profile to a name / order. If you sent us a DM, we never answer those ~ again, email us!


• How do I update information on my customer profile? (i.e. payment, address)

You can update most information on your customer profile anytime, through our website. If you need to update payment info: We do not keep any customer payment information on file, so if you have a new card you can just enter it next time at check out. If you need to update a shipping address: ...on a previous order, we can take care of it just let us know! ...on a deposit order, you don't need to since the item won't be shipping until the final payment order, where you can enter the new shipping address. If you need to update a billing address: We cannot edit these once the payment clears, but if the payment goes through okay then you are fine! If the address does not work, your payment likely won't complete and you can fix it then.


• When will my item ship?

You will receive an automatic email confirmation when you place an order. After ordering, your item will be processed and either be made to order (i.e. some leather goods, pre-orders, deposits) with production times noted in the product descriptions; or your order will be prepped to ship out. Average processing time for in stock items is 1 - 3 business days. When your item has been packaged up, you will receive another email confirmation including a tracking # (USPS for domestic, UPS for international unless specified otherwise). If you did not get a tracking #, first check your spam and then let us know and we can resend the email.


• What if my package never arrived / I am having issues with delivery?

We recommend checking with your local post first and foremost, as sometimes packages are held there if they cannot be delivered, before being returned to sender. If the item has been missing for an extensive period of time, outside the window of reasonable delivery (some international shipments can take 4 - 6 weeks depending on the country, customs, and now COVID delays), let us know and we can file and inquiry.

• What kind of dog is Spud?

Spud is a blue Australian Cattle Dog, also known as a Blue Heeler. He is on the smaller side for his breed, about three years old, and sometimes smells like corn chips.