Waxed Wills Jacket FAQ

• I recently found out about your Wills Jacket, how do I order one?

As of December 2021, we changed over our ordering system for the Waxed Wills Jacket.


You can now place a pre-order anytime (subject to production capacity)! These are for tan waxed twill version two jackets, which are lined and have a two way zipper. Deposits are available for purchase and are grouped based on their predicted delivery date (example: first group is 'G1 - March 2022 Delivery'). The quantities for each group are determined by our current production capacity. It is guaranteed we will meet or exceed these delivery dates. 

When you order you are placing a deposit. There will be an additional final payment, which will be sent when your jacket is nearing completion. You can find more details on the process on the Waxed Wills Jacket product page.

In Stock: 

**we are still working to get up to speed before offering 'in stock' jackets. Thank you for understanding!**


• Is it too late to order?

Orders for Wills are currently closed. We've gotten close to a three year wait list for the Wills jacket so we've decided to halt any new pre-orders for a short time while we re-evaluate our production times. We are always striving to get way ahead of our promised ship dates so please bear with us as we work toward getting to a point of a shorter expected completion date. 


• Can I pre-order a different color than tan? Where did black go?

With our new system, the pre-orders will only be for tan jackets (throwing it back to the original Wills in the early days of Ship John). For production reasons we have decided to removed black as a continuous option, but it may make an appearance as a special edition color sometime in the future.


• But I like really, really want it… I can pay right now!

We appreciate your interest, truly! We have put a lot of thought into how to do the ordering for the Wills Jacket. We are just still in a sweet n’ sour spot of a high demand with a limited production capacity for the jacket. Again, just trying to keep things as fair as possible and we have decided this is the best system currently.


• I plan on ordering a jacket or I got an order in but am unsure of sizing, help!

Body measurements (around the chest, length of arms, etc.) are a good start to find what jacket you may need, but it is best to compare measurements taken from a garment. We recommend measuring a jacket you own and love the fit of, in a comparable style, material, and / or weight to the Wills.

Providing just your weight and height are not great for determining size, since every body is built and proportioned differently. Take measurements!

Finding the correct fit also involves consideration to your fit preference. Some people want a more of a trim silhouette, or may size up if they need extra room for layering. 


• What if my arms are freakishly long / short / I have other sizing concerns?

First, your body is perfect no matter what. Second, fear not! We have an option for custom measurements. We ask a $50 fee since the jacket will have to be cut / handled differently within our production line. Please email us as we can talk further details.

Custom measurements include changing the length of the sleeve and / or the length of the overall jacket ('center back' measurement). This is for when you may need more length than the long option gives, need to shorten a measurement, or need to change just one of the measurements.

Customization does not include changes to the design of the jacket, such as adding / swapping / removing pockets, labels, snaps, material type, etc.

Custom Wills Jackets are non-refundable or exchangeable!!


• I got my jacket and it doesn't fit right, what do I do now?

As much as we really want to nail your jacket order the first go around, we understand that the fit might not be right and you need an exchange. We do ask that you take into consideration how heavy and stiff the material is, and that the jacket may need some breaking in.

Exchanged (or returned for store credit) Wills Jackets follow the same timeline window as any of our items: please initiate the request within 7 days from receiving your jacket, and return the unwanted sized jacket within 7 days from confirming the exchange.

Each Wills Jacket exchange is remade to order. The turnaround for remakes is currently 3 - 6 months. Remakes are subject to a 10% fee, due to the time and materials needed from our shop to produce.