Deposits Policy

Sometimes our pre-order products are split into two payments ~ a deposit and final amount. On the product page, the price in the title indicates the deposit cost, while the final payment / full price breakdown is in the product description. This type of ordering allows for you to guarantee you're getting the size you need and allows us to help fund the expensive upfront costs of manufacturing. 

• Deposits made on all products & pre-orders are non-refundable / non-exchangable!

• Final payments will be invoiced via email about a week prior to the product being ready to ship (unless stated otherwise in email). Normal processing & shipping times still apply.

• We request final payment invoices to be completed within 30 days from the date first issued; otherwise you will forfeit your item(s) and subsequently your deposit.

• For Waxed Wills Jacket pre-orders: you still have 30 days to pay your final payment invoice, otherwise forfeit your place in line. Your deposit will be honored, but whenever you pay you will be placed at the end of the deposit list for production. 

• If you wish to cancel your pre-order, you do not have to pay the final payment on the item(s) but you will forfeit your deposit.

• If you are unable to make the final payment, please contact us asap. We are happy to make arrangements with you to hold on to your order (within a  reasonable timeframe).

• We are all human and we understand humans make mistakes! If you have any questions or concerns about a deposit order, please email us at to discuss options.