Measuring Guide

• How do I determine my sizing using your sizing charts / measurements?

Below is a guide for how we measure our garments (tops and bottoms) to provide the measurements on our sizing charts. We always recommend comparing measurements against a favorite garment that you own and love the fit of, that is a comparable item / weight / material. If you do not have a tape ruler, you can use a piece of string and lay it next to a standard ruler to determine a measurement. Make sure the garment is laid out as flat as possible, pulling things taught but not stretching anything out, and measuring in the spots as described.

CHEST ~ also sometimes referred to as 'pit-to-pit'; at the edges of the garment, 1" down from the armpits.



SHOULDER ~ on the backside of the garment, from seam to seam.


SLEEVE ~ from the shoulder seam to the edge of the cuff.


BICEP ~ 1" down from the armpit, straight across the sleeve to the edge.


CENTER BACK ~ on the backside, from the base of the collar (at the seam) to the bottom edge of the garment.


BOTTOM HEM ~ straight across the bottom opening.


WAIST ~ flatten pants in half, off center so that the front button closure is not in the middle or right on the edge. pull waistband straight, leveling the two edges. measure straight across, edge to edge.

**You can double this measurement to get the total waist circumference. Our pants are sized two numbers smaller than the total waist measurement, so a size 32 will measure 34" around and 17" flat at the waist.

SEAT ~ 4" up from the crotch, straight across the garment to the edges.


THIGH ~ 2" down from the crotch, straight across the leg to the edge.


BOTTOM HEM ~ straight across the bottom leg opening.


FRONT RISE ~ from the crotch meeting point to the top of the front waist band edge.

BACK RISE ~ on the backside, from the crotch meeting point to the top of the back waist band edge. You can either use a soft ruler and measure around the curve of the seat, or pull the seam tight to get it to lay flat.