Open Job Positions


Construction of Ship John products such as heavy wax canvas and denim jackets, shirts, bags, etc. Primary task will be sewing on various industrial machines. Must be a self starter, proactive learner, and thrive working in a small team with dynamic roles. Must have machine sewing experience, basic ability to troubleshoot machine problems, and ability to sew consistency in a lean production environment. Experience operating industrial machines, knowledge of garment construction, and ability to read patterns are a plus.

This position is full time, in person at our shop on Division Street. Work hours are Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm (8 hour shifts with lunch and personal breaks). Starting wage is $15 / hour DOE, with health benefits and PTO included.

Requirements are: minimum one year experience with machine sewing, fluent in English, and eligible to work in the US.

Our Covid practices are: All persons entering the building (customers, staff, delivery, etc.) must wear masks. Curbside pickup of retail orders is available. Disposable masks and hand sanitizer are provided. All of our staff is fully vaccinated and we will ask the same of any new hire.

If interested, please send us info about yourself to ~ a resume, references, and / or CV; and a portfolio, website, and / or examples of your sewing work.




Pretty self-explanatory... part time position, a few hours a week which we will send notification of by carrier pigeon. This job can be done remotely, in which case we will also send the waxed TP by carrier pigeon. Please do not send the tested TP back via carrier pigeon as it will make the birds very angry (we just need weekly reports). Payment will be in (you guessed it!) rolls of waxed TP.