Good Art HLYWD "SJ" Silver Snap Add On


Good Art makes some of our favorite things on the face of the earth and we're overjoyed to have this special piece made for Ship John!

You can have this .925 sterling silver snap added to any piece with a ligne 24 snap.. Available items for now are listed below:

Wills Jackets, Gibson Wallet, Orbison Case, Shel Case, Albright Case, Pierce Case (no other leather goods for now)

Note on Wills jacket add ons: You can add 1-9 silver snaps in whatever placement you'd like. If you get 8, we'll give you the 9th one free.

• Made in Los Angeles, California USA by Good Art HLYWD

• Solid .925 sterling silver

• Non-removable (once its on, it's on for good)

• Must be installed at our shop


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